Did Good

by Bryan Bednarek

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    Fight your weaknesses with your strenghts.



Who do you think you are?
Ikura jikan aru ka?

You looked up to me yesterday
Mohaya kako wo minaide

Renounce the path
We'll forge a new past
Hash out the math
And scatter our tracks

Watashi wa maigo shite iru
If it's in me to forgive you?

Face the debate
And hang your head proud
Indulge your wrath
Exact revenge now

We’re all afraid to fall
Kimi no osore

Fugouri na kangae
On your last day you’ll have to pay

Blood on your mirror
Blood on the blade
Reflections are clear
Assumptions are made

Watashi wa maigo shite iru
Is it in me to forgive you?

Shatter your fear
Strength pervade
Wipe off the blade
Make haste to your grave

Stop right here
I know somehow
This is not you
So it ends now

Not on my watch
Not under my nose
The bridge lays down
It's anything goes

Pupils grow wide
You glare my voice shakes
The bridge meets bank
The ground beneath breaks

Recount the past here
I know you're not proud
Greed may be you
But the sloth ends now

I feel you in the air... You’re on my skin…
Hitori ni shinaide kudasai


released February 17, 2015
Music & lyrics written & recorded by
Bryan Bednarek and Louis Dellorto

Produced by Bryan Bednarek and Louis Dellorto

Mixed & mastered by Bryan Bednarek



all rights reserved


Bryan Bednarek Chicago, Illinois

I sometimes make music with my friends.

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